Your FREE Source for Local Dentists is the best place to find the perfect dentist for your Root Canal needs. Endodontists have two or more years of specialized training in endodontics, in addition to their dental training. On average, they perform nearly 25 root canal treatments a week, while general dentists perform less than two. Because they limit their practice solely to endodontic treatment, endodontists are efficient and precise. This equates to positive experiences and faster healing. Most endodontists offer tremendous flexibility in accommodating emergency cases, so delays in treatment are kept to a minimum and patients can be relieved of dental pain quickly. Many endodontists use state-of-the-art technology such as operating microscopes, digital imaging, ultrasonic instrumentation and fiber optics, to treat their patients quickly and comfortably.

A root canal is a dental procedure to remove dead or dying nerve tissue and bacteria from inside a tooth. A root canal is done if you have an infection that affects the nerve in the root of a tooth. Generally, there is pain and swelling in the area. The infection can be the result of a tooth crack, cavity, or injury. A root canal can save your tooth. Without treatment, the tooth may become so damaged that it must be removed. Our directory of specialists is the best FREE source to find the right dentist for your specific dental needs. Call us today and get connected with a local Root Canal Specialist today!